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  1. I received tutoring for a few years from Brendon towards the end of my GCSE’s and throughout A-Level. The standard of teaching in college for A-Level Mathematics was not too scratch and I was finding myself in two minds regularly; I either did not understand what the lecturers was trying to teach, or I was bored during lectures because the content was too basic. Brendon got to know me and adapted his teaching skills to effectively motivate and teach me. With Brendons help, I excelled in A-Level Mathematics, and picked up a further AS-Level in Further Mathematics.

  2. This is really nice of you and brings back memories of great times. From teaching your older sister to teaching you to experiencing your mother’s Special Chicken. A chapter of my career never to be forgotten!

  3. I met Brendon when I was entering year 10 of secondary school. I was in the highest set and although I had achieved a grade C in year 9 (a pass grade), in the eyes of the school I was failing because my predicted grades were A* across the board. I was a student that struggled to keep up in class and masked this by talking and messing about. Unfortunately, I masked it so well that no-one thought I was struggling. Brendon was the first and only teacher, to my knowledge, that noticed there was something wrong. Brendon quickly realised that I was not confident and I needed to be taught in a different way to my peers. He adapted his teaching to enable me to learn in the most effective way and we quickly started to see results. Brendon went above and beyond to help me, he set me my own questions, gave me extra help at break time and lunch times and even set me questions to do at home that he would have to mark in his own time (at my request). In less than 18 months I went from a C grade to an A* in GCSE maths and I can honestly say that I had never dreamed that would’ve been possible. Even after I had achieved my A*, the help didn’t stop. When I told Brendon, I would be doing AS level maths at college, he started teaching me techniques and going through questions at lunch time. This is something that he did off his own back, during his own time. Brendon is a great teacher and I would recommend him to anyone.

    1. Kayleigh, such nice words. Thank you for this and I must say you were a joy to teach and an inspiration to me when it comes to sheer determination, drive and diligence.

  4. Brendon has been teaching my daughter since November 2018 . She didn’t do well in her year six SATs and lacks confidence. She is gradually gaining in confidence and Brendon can make her enthusiastic even when she is tired. She knows she can ask Brendon any questions and nothing is too much trouble. Hopefully she will gain good GCSE results with Brendon’s continued support.

  5. I have been tutored by BDogg since the second half of year 6 all the way until my gcse exams in year 11, he has been a joy to have as a tutor, and it has been a brilliant experience with him. He really personalises the sessions and takes the time to get to know the student in order to ensure the tutoring is at its most effective, and therefore the student has the best chance at achieving their goals. I achieved a 9 in gcse maths in the first year the number system was introduced, and I was comfortable during the exams. I can not recommend Brendon enough, if you need maths tutoring, BDogg’s Maths is definitely the way to go!

    1. Awwww thank you James. Teaching you and getting to know your family has been a highlight of my career. James is currently the first student I ask to come back and help me in my BDogg’s Maths Days!

  6. Would definitely recommend Brendon to anyone who asked for a private maths tutor. With his help I went from a grade 3 in April 2019 to a near Grade 7 in February only for the school year to be abruptly ended, He’s a great tutor and is very approachable (although he has a bad taste for a football team 🙂 ). Max B

    1. Thank you so much Max. A pleasure to teach and a great family to meet. You are part of a year group that will go down in the history books of the future. GCSE History of 2040 will have questions on this period. You may be even interviewed in 10 years time about this experience. Thanks once more. BDogg

  7. I’m speaking from experience; Mr B was my favourite Maths teachers from the early 2000’s when he worked at my secondary school.

    First thing he did before introducing himself was to tell a maths joke. Not only did that ease any tension; it made me realise that learning “Maths” wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. He made it fun ☺️

    I always looked forward to Mr B’s lessons & how he’d engage with us in such a natural way.

    17/18 years later and I’ll always remember him as such a wonderful educator.

    Thank you “Sir” 🙏🏻

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